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What is dry hydro massage? Dry hydro massage is a treatment technique that relaxes both the mind and the body. It consists of a massage using water pressure on the body lying on a hydro-active massage table. The interesting thing is that there is no contact with the water, no need to remove your clothes and no hygiene worries; you are massaged fully dressed, lying weightless on a water mattress. Invented by an Osteopath with programmes developed and pre-recorded by Physiotherapists and the hydro-massage bed with therapeutic classification and certification. It ensures maximum mental and physical relaxation by combining heat with the force of water for the first time.

Who is hydro massage for? It is suitable for men and women including pregnant women who have targeted needs: - Wellness and relaxation - Reducing muscle tension - Improving blood circulation - Eliminating the feeling of tiredness - Stimulating the lymphatic system - Reducing stress - Facilitating recovery after exercise - Solving back pain problems - Pregnant women, post and prenatal The many benefits of dry hydro massage include: Massage and relaxation: The gentle heat and force of the water combined with the different types of massage encourage deep and lasting relaxation. Lie down, close your eyes and enjoy this unique moment of relaxation! A hydro massage session at the Lit'dromassage974 Institute can also improve your sleep quality. Pain relief massage: A hydro-massage bed session promotes better blood circulation while reducing muscle tension and gets rid of stress and fatigue. It is the ideal remedy to relieve back pain, neck pain, rheumatism, as well as muscle or mental fatigue. Massage, losing weight and drainage: the high pressure massage jets activate the microcirculation to release subcutaneous fat and thus reduce cellulite. One session can also reduce the feeling of heavy legs by draining the lymphatic system. The hydro massage bed should not be used in the following circumstances: - Children from - to 15 years of age - people with a pacemaker Gift cards are available.



Boulevard Sud, au rond-point des feux, prendre la troisième sortie sur la N102, au rond-point prendre la quatrième sortie et continuer sur la N102, prendre à droite rue Roger Payet D45, prendre à gauche rue Desbassyns. A 100 m, sur la droite, Lit' Dromassage 974 est situé entre l'auto Ecole EM Conduite et Richelin Coiffure.


16 bis rue Desbassyns - Rivière des Pluies 97438 Sainte-Marie
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