The capital

Weekly street markets

Street markets, colourful and exotic, are the perfect occasion to discover the great wealth of local products of the island, to shop for souvenirs, or just to bask in the atmosphere of creole sounds and accents. The multicoloured parasols, next to one another, create a gorgeous quilt which reminds you just what creole society is about.

Open from 5 am to noon (approximately)

Wednesdays and sundays : Marché du Chaudron (The Cauldron market)
Nutmeg, long skirts, red roses, “clean your blood” herbal teas, chili paste, djembes and table cloths mix with one another in the most jolly atmosphere. Popular among the people of Reunion, The Cauldron Market also caters to tourists’ needs with a few stalls presenting the various crafts of the Indian ocean as well as selling spices and souvenirs.

Tuesdays: Sainte-Suzanne’s street market
Close to the Bocage, this markets guarantees its visitors a full immersion in exotic territory : local pastries, bananas, pineapple, bags and baskets weaved from the palms of a local tree called Vacoa and nicknamed “tents”, are just a few of the treats you’ll get over there. Don’t hesitate to talk to the stallholders!

Fridays: The Camellia Market
Flowers, in bunches or in pots, are omnipresent in this market. But you’ll also find, fruits and vegetable as well as local fresh fish, delicatessen or poultry. You’ll also find religious icons and pilgrimage straw hats. If you listen closely, you might even hear an accordion playing in the distance.

Saturdays: Ste-Marie’s street market
Ideally located on the oceanfront, this communal market is often bathed in sunlight. Close to both city hall and the media library, it offers a lot of parking space to cars and is quite accessible. Most stallholders and buyers know each other and deals are made in the most friendly atmosphere.

Permanent markets

You will find two covered markets, a big one and a small one, situated on each side of the pedestrian street rue Saint-Denis.
Open monday to saturday, 7am to 5pm (approximately)

Le Grand Marché (big market)
Also called “Madagascan market”, this market brings together the best crafts of the indian ocean: statues, cloths, pestles, abacus, weaved bags and baskets., and much more. The metal structure of the market has been listed as historical monument.

Le petit marché (small market)
Situated at the other end of the Rue Maréchal Leclerc, the small market has been entirely renovated in 2015. Spacious and calm and useful for everyday life, this market sells fruits and vegetables, spices, poulty and everyday objects like weaved baskets, hats, cooking pots and pestles.